This blog is the home base for Cat Lambert, a geophysicist and science communicator studying at Cornell University. I recently earned an MS in Geology and am pursuing a PhD in risk/science communication.

I study human-induced earthquakes related to energy development, and the issues of risk communication, education, and policy surrounding them. On this blog, I write about my work and fieldwork as well as other topics that catch my interest, from issues of earthquake hazards and renewable energy to archaeological discoveries and recent science news. I also post art and comics here, typically though not always science-inspired. The title of the blog, The Archaeology of Stories, dates to an undergraduate project on the archaeological evidence behind mythological stories, epics, and medieval literature.

I also write for the blog The Earth Story, found at the-earth-story.com. On Twitter, I can be found at @zinjanthropus13.

If you care to leave a tip, my PayPal is paypal.me/celticquake


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