On being Irish-American under Trump

Michael Flatley performed at Inauguration. More accurately, Michael Flatley had his troupe from Lord of the Dance perform at one of the Inaugural Balls.

If you aren’t part of the Irish dance world, you might think of Flatley as a respected and talented performer, at least on par with Three Doors Down (in the rare event that you think of him at all, of course). If you are a dancer, your feelings are probably mixed. Sure, he jump-started modern Irish dance into the stratosphere with Riverdance in the ’90s, but since then his shows have tilted too far towards cyborgs and shirtless floor crawling to be taken seriously. Once you think about it, it really shouldn’t be altogether a surprise that he supported Trump; they do after all share a similar taste for understated, ┬áminimalist aesthetics, spray tans, and diverse roles for women (We come in two types: blond and dainty or brunette and slutty).

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